Monday, April 13, 2009

Well Let me start off by saying Happy holidays to everyone.  Tis week starting off in music is going to be a good one.  If you haven't already do check out Day 26 new album "Forever In A Day"  if you like do go out and support this album I think is well worth the purchase.  Day 26 voices blend together to create the classic RNB sound that reminds you allot like 112 when they were HOT and together.  Theres also a few Tracks from Mario of his upcoming album and Ne-Yo who never seems to stop haveing new songs released every week.  Ive added a few tracks that were recored by the same artist you be the judge on who you think rocked it the best. Check out the new song from Toni Braxton whos been absent from the scene for several years.  As always have a wonder week stay posted to the site and if you have "Twitter" you can also follow me there at Send me a Tweet tell me what you think.......

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