Friday, March 27, 2009


Welcome to T.G.I.F. where i'll try to bring you as much as Ican to carry you over for the weekend. By now you should be ready to get today the hell over and on with and start your weekend so why not take the most music you can with you. So what I got???? Well if you havent seen already 3 NEW albums!!!! have been added for you in addtion to the exclusive tracks. We have the Sophmore album From Leela James "Lets Do It Again" Now Leela has a very old school soulfull voice and it is refreshing to hear in this commerically infested music industry so make sure you check it out. Theres also a new Entry from Bow Wow and either love him or hate him "Ray J" has a new album out as well that you may want to take a listen to. Make sure you pass SelectiVeRNB on to your friends. Check out the site leave me a message rate the music and enjoy your weekend. .......MiAmI....SwAgGer!

Mario - Get Out MUST HAVE!!!

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